About Robat Industry Ceramic Co.

Robat Industry ceramic co. is a collection of professional experts of ceramic industry of the country , who are active in the field of design and production of the most complex industrial ceramic parts with different utilities in different industries using their experiences gained through the years and utilizing advanced technology and equipment such as injection metod ( for the first time in iran ) , European spray dryer and full – automatic presses with high capacity .

The management of this company started design and manufacture of ceramic parts in 1981 as a production unit , and in 2001 they established robat industrial ceramic co. in eshtehard industrial town and took a serious step forward in the field of industrial manufacture of the said products .

This company is one of the pioneers of the evolution in the ceramic industry of iran relying on the desing and execution of modern ceramic projects such as steatite badies , alumina , alumina porcelain and special refractories with a good shock resistance and applying the minimum tolerance in the dimensions & also ability of production of parts with exceptional & complicated shapes , and it has obviated the needs of industries for the import of ceramic products with localization of such products .